All-City Macho Man. All-City Macho Man.

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I loved how in some light it All city macho man single speed just look black and in others, the blue and green metallic flecks subtly reflected the light. Components There's nothing on the spec sheet that gets the heart particularly a flutter, 'cross bikes on the whole are utilitarian rather than bling, but there are some disappointing choices on the Macho Man that prompt teeth sucking.

The rear gear cable is fully enclosed all the way down the seat stay which is great for keeping crud out but it does make shifting a tiny bit slower than normal, not in annoying way, just barely noticeable, it's a fair trade off though for longer cable life and a cable less sticky with grit. test report

It's a substantial unyielding platform held back by chunky wheels and tyres so as long as you don't expect it to leap forward with a keen hop in its step and settle instead for reeling in hills and other riders over some glacial measurement of time then you'll get along just fine.

The whole frame is E. Conclusion A race ready cyclocross bike this is not. If you want to embrace a version of the future the Macho Man Disc is now available for another hundred pounds.

Not angry, just disappointed. Unfortunately its heft retards it seriously on climbs and it's way under-specced for the money.

If only it were lighter. The handling is a hoot.

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The newly designed dropouts are a nice touch on this production frame, featuring a lugged chainstay and welded on seatstay similar in construction to the Space Horse dropout but for a multigeared setup only, no horizontal ends for the Macho Man. An FSA Gossamer chainset with 46 and 36 All city macho man single speed rings is matched up to Shimano Tiagra t 10 speed cassette which is a good bunch of ratios for a cyclo-cross bike, although those that like to ride further and longer than a Sunday morning thrash round a field might want something smaller on the front.

The head and seat angles are akin to racier designs and the steering is direct, certainly not slow and ungainly. If you want a lightweight race machine, look elsewhere. The bike features geometry and looks similar to its single speed Buddy Rogers rival, with a flat crown lugged fork and fender mounts front and rear to match.

That sort of thing's not usually a deal-breaker but we found out it could be a frame-breaker. All-City Macho Man Cyclocross Bike Posted on by brad in Product News with 13 Comments All-City has a number of steel frameset offerings, beginning with their original Big Block track frame up through a couple of generations of fixed freestyle frames, two geared road frames and the single speed cyclocross Nature Boy.

But it is the effort of getting up to speed that got me. Graphics are minimal and even the fork is steel. There's a reason most other frames have them on now. With elevation or a tail wind on your side, you get glimpses of how much fun this bike could be.

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The effortlessly cool, skinny steel tubes, lugged crowns and straight fork blades give it a real retro style. From the details, to the ride quality, to the Bridgestone XO-1 homage paint color, we couldn't be happier with how the Macho Disc turned out, and can't wait for you to own one of your own.

There is a plus side to this sturdy character though, the Dating agencies ipswich suffolk Man simply refuses to be knocked off line on stuttery terrain and it descends like a piano, a piano playing a happy tune.

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Conclusion If you want a cyclo-cross bike for racing on then you're better off looking elsewhere; the Macho Man's weight makes it a hindrance in the thrust and parry of a muddy Sunday morning, which is a shame as the geometry figures make it more than capable of the odd Ballestra.

As a road tourer, Macho Man is a comfortable yet sedate method of eating the miles. Not a great start to the relationship. The love it or hate it, metal flake paint personally won me over.

The top section is wide and flat before the bars drop in which makes for relaxed cruising and the flared drop felt just right for off-road control, although the wide elbows-out stance made battling into a headwind harder and puts you in a less racey position, if that's your thing.

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That steel would be Select ChroMoly, it's been double butted for the down, top, and seat tubes while the chain stays are externally tapered, ovalized, and dimpled for clearances and the seat stays are simply tapered.

All the cables run along the top-tube to keep them away from the clart this bike is most likely to be dragged through, the front mech cable runs through a down-tube stop that's conveniently threaded with an adjuster in there for subtle tweaks and it makes use of Shimano's new CX 70 'cross specific top-pull front mech for a direct cable run.

If you're scared by nervous race cross bikes then you'll like the Macho Man.