Winch Wiring Kit. Winch Wiring Kit.

Atv winch hook up, protect your machine and your power-drawing accessories

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Always wear leather gloves and do not allow the wire rope to slide through your hands. A light-duty oil used on the wire rope and winch hook can keep rust and corrosion from forming.

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And as always use the proper tools to tighten the bolts down. This is where I see the most mistakes when adding a 12V accessory to a machine. To get the most use out of your winch, you need to take the time to understand its operation.

All this info should be in your instruction sheets. Trending Topics Click a tag to view all articles with that tag.

If you get stuck, then by all means take the ATV and parts to your local dealer to have then finish the installation. This buffer keeps things running smooth.

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Keep in mind the instructions are going to be generic and not specific for your model ATV. There are several good winch manufactures on the market today. After that — enjoy the mud, snow or what ever you desire to ride through. Then a smaller wire is run to the switch to add power to the relay on command.

As you bold the winch to the mounting plate, make sure to use the lock washers included in the kit. In some situations, another person may be needed to lend assistance. If your product calls for a gauge wire, then stick to that because a smaller wire like a gauge wire could prematurely tax the system and fry your electronics.

Basic Wiring Tips for ATVs and UTVs -

Remember that when using your power drawing products that you will most likely want the machine to be running at least every so often to avoid draining the battery. Keep the winch, wire rope, control Atv winch hook up and remote control free from contaminants. The brake automatically engages the winch drum when the winch motor is stopped and there is load on the wire rope.

In addition Dating your counselor pulling your ATV out of the mud, back on the trail or over slippery rocks, winches can be used to remove fallen logs or trees that block the trail.

This is going to take a bit of puzzle working to figure out… Next we rolled the ATV into the garage and made sure the area was clean to begin the work. You may have to connect a couple of wires to either the accessory plug or ignition switch. You do not want them to come loose over time.

The rule is — the lower to the ground you mount the winch the better "pulling of the mud" power you will have and less stress will be applied to the machines frame.

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We have had brand new lights flicker and never work again only to figure out later that the low voltage present burnt out an igniter or other part in the system.

Now that the winch is mounted, take a look at the electrical wiring diagram.

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This is for accessories and you must know what the percentage of available power is in order to prevent electrical problems. Take care as you feed the heavy electrical wiring through the ATV — keep the wires as far from any heat sources as possible.

You, and only you, should handle the wire rope and operate the remote control switch. This is usually mounted behind the air box of the ATV.

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The mounting plate is usually purchased from the dealer for the style of ATV you own. First — read the owners manual for your ATV. Atv winch hook up starts melting stuff and things only gets worse from there. The switch needs to be of good quality, just like the wiring, and it needs to be rated for a tad more than the device it is controlling calls for.

This one detail could mean the difference between a good working machine and new accessory or possibly the destruction of both.

You tie the cable to a tree in front of you and turn on the winch.