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It was moved in March to the back of the church during the redevelopment of the site. The water tower was built inproviding, finally, the drinking water and running water in the commune.

The causes seem to be, according to the records of municipal councils, problems of water supply, financial, and sometimes disease.

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Inthe Le Mans—Angers railway crossed the south of the town, but it was not until 36 years later that one could take the train at the station of Saint-Georges-du-Bois.

These shops, at first independent, were supported and assisted by the town several times. In Marcha public truck scale was installed on the church square. Many railway projects were proposed that also affected the town, but none came to pass: The next day, a column of 1, men returned to Le Mans with the Knight Tercierbut the commander in chief, the Earl of Bourmont, who was tired, rested at the camp.

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Through imperial subsidies, this house is purchased in The Sarthe departmental archives have uncovered the ancient names of other roads in the county. A project farther in the future is the creation or modification of footpaths: The truck scale was installed in in Town Hall Square, unused for years, was sold to Mr.

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The official name of the town is Saint-Georges-du-Bois, from the creation of the commune during the French Revolution. The judges of the Le Mans then decided that the poor and the sick of the parish would Bar speed dating le mans fed at the expense of the city, and they enabled religious orders and the people of Saint-Georges-du-Bois to remove objects affected by the contagion.

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Municipal buildings are electrified during Junewhile street lighting was installed in January Finally, sincethe subdivision of Park Hayes has emerged, with homes completed. Since the early s, construction resumed in the town, with the main aim to stabilize the population and school enrollment.

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The original bumpers were re-chromed and the brackets were powder coated and come with the car as does the original steering wheel, and brake drums.

Following a strong period of construction with However, on the handwritten pages of records, this name was still used in the middle of the eighteenth century.

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Former Coat of Arms of St Georges du Bois Gules, a gold crossdocked in dexter a palm of the same, and sinister a silver palm. Devaux donated a clock to the church. Changing owners many times, managers and teachers the town even purchased the walls rented to the merchant.

Since then, the town has been known by at least three different French names.

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