Interview with Cindy Leong, Dating and Relationship Coach. Interview with Cindy Leong, Dating and Relationship Coach.

Cindy leong dating coach, award-winning singaporean business and lifestyle blogger! :d

Mr AzamPhotographer Understanding yourself and then the other person is the key to successful relationships.

I will really recommend this to my peers as I believe this would help them reach the best version of themselves. After attending Cindy leong dating coach workshop and session with Cindy, I have learnt that our personalities can vary in different situations and we are not just confined to one personality type.

Sometimes people need help with their past baggages and require inner healing. Enneagram has helped me to understand myself and learn how to interact with people who are of other types. Take my Improv Drama workshop, for example, it is one of my customer-centric events.

Having said that, if you are a 10, and you happen to see the potential in a 7 or 8, then you might still take the chance. Mr TanAgriculture Investments Before attending the Enneagram Workshop, I was excited to know the hidden side of me which I don't even realize or think of over the past 33 years.

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When I first met my husband, he was just a 4 to be very honest. Our society is not creative enough — there is definitely room for more creative expression and for people to better demonstrate their feelings.

Enneagram has helped me to understand my strengths and flaws. They also have to clarify their life goals, learn how to be assertive about their view points, and fix their life before they go dating. A cozy corner in the Giraffe Room: Mr Ling Civil Engineer Before attending the workshop, I was unsure of how will it turn out as I rarely attend workshops.

The feedback is usually very good. How can we solve this issue together?

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Mr ChiaStudent Before attending the workshop, I feel that I know myself quite well enough but didn't understand how it compares to others. I have to be brutally honest with the men, and give them the truth in an in-their-face manner.

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Business Owner Before attending the workshop, i was seeking to know who I really am and how can I achieve what I want to achieve in my career.

Listen to those and you may just pick up some very useful tips! Men are generally more defensive while women are more willing to spend and invest in their lives. I suggested a revamp and he was open to the challenge.