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Dating barret ff7. Final fantasy vii gold saucer date guide for playstation by tfergusson - gamefaqs

Well, I can give a full list of things to do to guarantee dating one of the two. Make sure you bought one in Junon Town.

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This appearance has humorously been compared to actor Mr. The townspeople vilify Barret and he divulges his past to the group.

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At the Gold Saucer, talk to Aeris first, and take her with you. Meet with Zack's parents, and then leave town without speaking to any of the two girls. Sorry" when she asks you if you've forgotten your promise.

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Tell the Don that there's someone else, and when he asks who, tell him "Yes, his name's Barret In Fort Condor, disagree twice to the old guy about his plight. Say "Barret's snoring kept me up These would then be adjusted in the following manner during each battle: Final Fantasy and Squaresoft are registered trademarks of Square Co.

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If you buy the flower, you will later have the option to earn some extra points with either Tifa or Barret. Neither does finding it but leaving it alone, for that matter.

Pursuit of Sephiroth Edit When the group arrives at the Shinra Headquarters Barret suggests barging in through the front door.

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Don't get caught by the security lockdown, and get to the end of the train. Specific actions After Jessie 's explanation about the train, answer her "Thanks anyway". Take as long as you like, but this guide will assume you got her first time, and she didn't run away After the Dating barret ff7, tell Barret to "Wait a sec", and then choose "Is that all?

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When they confront him Cait Sith reveals he has Marlene captive, thus blackmailing the others to taking him along, greatly upsetting Barret. In Fort Condor, agree twice with the old man.

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Note the differences by the way in what you have to do; it's rather interesting at times The attack on the Sector 1 Reactor is successful, and although Cloud's fee is steep and Barret does not like him, the need for help and his skill convinces Barret to continue to keep him with the group.

Don't get caught by the Security Lockdown; get to the end of the train. With Cloud, they begin their largest operation yet on December 9th.

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Tifa Dating Tifa only requires that you put Aeris out of the game: Skip section Early life Edit Barret grew up in the small, forested coal mining village of Corel. Barret was going to have something to say in Gongaga, but a script error way back in the Sector 5 Church prevents this from occurring.

During the escape from the Church, when Aeris is alone against the guards, save her so that she needn't fight at all.

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