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Antique Steamer Trunk, Late s/Early s : EBTH

By reading these you will learn a great deal about trunks, and trunk history. Weather it be rawhide, leather, metal, carpet, canvas, or Hardwood slats, all trunks had something on them to protect the box, and for appearance.

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Small square shaped " half trunks " were also made in the same style. Since trunks were used as a method of shipping goods for so long, there are many different kinds of trunks.

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Also, some myths are so preposterous that common sense is almost enough, and should be. In my research I could only find a very small number of trunk makers that listed Oak as the wood used for their slats.

Often the finish is very worn and those in excellent condition are hard to find. The strap, and dowel pin method a leather strap, and buckle like a belt, and a dowel pin used to keep the lid from shifting side to side was used prior toand even a little while after.

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Too often I read trunk sellers descriptions again Ebay leads the way for misinformation about how their trunk bodies are made from some exotic wood. Many of these Civil War Trunks were also banded with metal.

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Have you restored a steamer trunk before? Dating old steamer trunks were made in many shapes and sizes and from various materials. So, if your trunk is a cross slat design, it was made after and possibly as late as about From the very beginning of trunks, there were the Flat Top style.

They were made of various woods and covered with hides such as deer, seal skin, horse, or cowhide.

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I have also run into Poplar a few times. The Saratoga Trunk was a very large, domed top style with fancy trim, covered in either leather or metal.

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The thick hardwood trunk has no cracks or replaced wood! There are 2 kinds of "forms" the "bins" with flat lid, built by the carpenters of small knocked: Large flat Flame introductions dating trunks with drawers were known as Bureau or Dresser trunks.

On the wood strappings I used Pledge wood cleaner spray. Information that can be called a fact, not a story. The translucent color, with the crystallized base, made for an amazing effect.

Some people referred to these as " gold rush trunks "or "Stagecoach Trunks",with the large brass studs symbolizing large gold nuggets. Dissolved in a solvent for days to weeks to pull-out the color, the color was then added to Lac Lacqueror a linseed type based varnish.

Leather trunks have "been around forever", but the early s is when they started using tanned, tooled leather on trunks. Of coarse this was all done before the metal was on the trunk.