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I can get help from my doctor or endocrinologist hormone doctor and there are medications I can take. Seriously, it was totally underwhelming. And sure enough I had a bunch of text messages from the man in question.

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Why are you so mean to me? In theory, yes, but still… Logical Stephanie: I need you to help me do that. Encourage me to get my hair done, have a pedicure or a massage. Can we look into signing up?

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It sounds a bit trite but thank you so much for taking the time to read this. She encouraged me to tell him, but only if I wanted to and only when I felt the time was right. The blog ended up being the starting point for me to truly and finally begin to heal old wounds, and actually help some other young women in the process.

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Anyway, here is the link to the first blog post. Please just love me through it.

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Man up and own this shit! It sort of went like that.

living with, dealing with and kicking polycystic ovary syndrome's ass!

The whole thing seemed like a good idea at the time, but now that I was more cognizant of my actions — I was horrified.

All of that insulin quickly stores my carbs as fat and makes it difficult for me to lose it.

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He was not scared off at all. What I need you to do The biggest thing I need from you is your love and support.

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I had no idea when that would be, so I waited for that time, and then got the push from a bottle of prescription drugs.