Dating Wagner Cast Iron - Wagner Cast Iron Skillet Dating Wagner Cast Iron - Wagner Cast Iron Skillet

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I hope that this little dissertation on identification is helpful to you as you hunt for vintage cast iron cookware!

There are many resources to help you identify and date a piece when you know the manufacturer.

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If the pattern number is on the Puritan or Merit skillet it was manufactured by Griswold. There is debate in the cast iron world as to whether these pans were manufactured by CHF or by Favorite.

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I call this the "late, large TM" to differentiate it from the c. All have the ridge on the underside of the handle that goes directly to the side wall.

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We need to keep looking, thinking, and putting all the facts and other info together. The third version-what we call the "grooved handle" probably came along c.

Griswold Cast Iron.

This is an overview; there are many ins and outs and exceptions, of course. Old gate marked skillet griddle.

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Just as with pattern letters, the small but unique number let quality control know if there was a problem pattern. Number 7 cast iron pan manufactured by the Griswold Manufacturing Company as part of the Iron Mountain line, circa s.

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The two pieces to the right which I found on ebayare most likely from the period from — In another response he said: I love my Iron Mountain pans. Wagner made molded cast iron with a polished exterior and interior, and the best production was from to In aroundthis casting process was mostly discontinued.

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Griswold ERIE spider skillet, mfd. I don't think, for popular items, that Griswold would have wanted two different TM's or markings to appear on store shelves at the same time.

More info on the block TM.

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I guess it's possible but makes no sense unless some wartime act warrented it. I would say the s — early s made cast iron cookware is still pretty darn good and probably some of those pieces are better than what you can get today.

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These would either be in addition to or, in some cases, instead of the traditional size numbers. It probably was not worth making a new pattern for such a low production item or one used out of doors. Gate marked pans are the oldest of the old cast iron cookware; almost certainly antique.

The bottom of unmarked Wagner pans may be smooth, or they may have a heat ring.