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If you demonstrate that you are enthusiastic and motivated, your supervisor is more likely to be interested and help you out. Make sure you are aware of any times when your supervisor will be unavailable. Agree how many supervisory meetings you will have and when so you know what to expect and how much guidance you can get.

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Keep your research questions in front of you as you write. However, asking, 'Do you think my analysis of the results to Survey 3 is accurate - what can I do to make it more convincing? Asking a general question like, 'Is this chapter OK?

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How will your research avoid these weaknesses? Tips for a successful supervision: Photographs of grazed areas Appendix 2. Don't wait for your supervisor to tell you what to do - take control and make a start. With a longer project it is easy to Download dissertation reports sight of what you need to write about and start rambling off in different directions.

What are the key points you need to include?

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To see if there are any gaps that your research might fill. To avoid having muddled points within your chapters, do a brief plan for each chapter: What point does your audience need to know first, then second, then third, and so on?

How do your results compare with what others have found? Make sure you explain your ideas fully, step-by-step. Prepare well for your meetings to get the most out of them as you probably won't have many - do any work you promised to do and have an idea of what advice or guidance you need from the meeting.

It can help to talk through your ideas with a friend as they can point out places where you are jumping from A to C without explaining B first!

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How has previous research methods and findings informed the way you decided to carry out your project? Soil sample analysis Appendix 4. Conclusion Appendices In a dissertation, these sections may form separate chapters and you may want to break these chapters down with further subheadings to help guide the audience.

If you are concerned you are losing focus, look back at your research question s and make sure everything you write helps you to answer these.