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It's just a music thing, they say, and anyone who takes it further has something inherently wrong with them.

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Many of her friends were actually taking prescription antidepressants. X3 Sarah Teenchat is pretty damn Emo dating australia. The word femme-fatale is Goth based. You can wear any colour you like so long as it's black.

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I wish people would stop throwing it around like a joke, as if it goes along with the emo style. DDD Come find me and we'll become friend's! I meet so many cool people here. Levi insists that her mother is worrying unnecessarily. Misifit Goth chat is awesome!

Hannah pictured weeks before her tragic death While Hannah's wrist injuries may have been slight, the issue of selfharm among adolescents is causing growing concern in British schools. Dye in my hair and polish on my toes, I must be an Emo.

Another picture showed a child's exercise book scrawled with the words: Props for the people who've designed it. Thats mostly the reason why I go on it L!

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I mean sure you may come to just chat but you leave with so much more. Film-makers note that horror films are now more popular than romance among young women. New figures show that the number of children admitted to hospital due to injuries inflicted on themselves has risen by a third in five years.

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I hear far too many emo jokes at school, people would never guess someone like me is dealing with self harm. Fashion acknowledges those of us who lived through it first time round - Elder Goths, as opposed to Baby Bats, who are the unders.

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It is irresponsible for the fashion and music cultures to encourage it. I'm always on 'em. It makes you feel individual. They have a sophistication and depth lacking in the blonde, bouncy chav faces which dominate our television screens and nightclubs.

This is because one of the key looks, especially at the younger end of the fashion spectrum, is Goth.

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People who struggle with self harm are often labeled emo and vice versa. There is also a deadly glamour about the Goths.

Unless you are an Elder Emo dating australia - in which case you have fashion on your side and everybody else against you.

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