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The operation followed an annual check-up, and Juan Carlos was not expected to need any further treatment. The bands are certainly not feuding". Shortly after, it was announced Lopilato had left the band.

Upon the death of Franco inJuan Carlos acceded to the throne of Spain.

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Aside from this title, the constitution allows for the use of other historic titles pertaining to the Spanish monarchy, without specifying them.

Many of the recruits were little more than kids, for the Tigers used child soldiers extensively. A Spanish peseta note with the image of King Juan Carlos. Lopilato officially missed the tour due to the tour dates conflicting with the filming of her telenovela Casados con Hijos. Dating old steamer trunks accident took place at Juan Carlos continued to praise Franco and his government for the economic growth and positive changes in Spain.

In Octoberit was rumoured Erreway would reunite once again as a quartet on 8 October, which has been named the International Day of Erreway, for a European tour, but it did not occur.

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In JulyJuan Carlos dismissed prime minister Carlos Arias Navarrowho had been attempting to continue Francoist policies in the face of the king's attempts at democratisation.

He also had secret conversations with his father over the telephone. The King shortly afterwards left the hall when President Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua accused Spain of intervention in his country's elections and complained about some Spanish energy companies working in Nicaragua.

Alfonso had won a local junior golf tournament earlier in the day, then went to evening Mass and rushed up to the room to see Juan Carlos who had come home for the Easter holidays from military school. His early life was dictated largely by the political concerns of his father and General Franco.

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Talks finally collapsed inwith the Norwegian mediators categorically blaming the Tigers for fanatical intransigence. Share this article Share The army hit the Tigers with everything it had, whether elite commandos or artillery and air raids. Franco hoped the young prince could be groomed to take over the nation while still maintaining the ultraconservative nature of his regime.

An overwhelming majority of Spaniards believed the new king, Felipe VI, would make a good monarch and more than three-quarters believed King Juan Carlos had been right to hand over the throne to his son.

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He copied the devastating Hizbollah suicide truck bombing of U. Inher character left the series, and Bordonaba returned as Camila Bustillo. The King gives an annual speech to the nation on Christmas Eve.

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Erreway had their first tour without Luisana Lopilato inwhich resulted in Camila Bordonaba singing her song lines. In their summer holidaysthe whole family meets in Marivent Palace Palma de Mallorca and the Fortuna yacht, where they take part in sailing competitions.