Frozen river shatters into 'ice jam' in New York. Frozen river shatters into 'ice jam' in New York.

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Vertical side mold seam on the neck of a beer bottle ending well below the finish, indicating that it was at least partially handmade - ca. This aircheck, from late in seems to indicate that the format might have tightened up a little bit less poetry, more music but does include an interview with Roger McGuinn of the Byrds where he comments on doing concerts in South Africa.

My family and I moved away in I could go on for ever! Now, 54 years later, I am planning a trip with my 11 year old son to climb Mt. I moved away from Binghamton at the age of nine to live in CA.

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You can't come to realize the seasons unless you actually live them. We took the shoveling in stride and mastered all the Winter Sports. Yet, we longed to be back in NY.

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We love the quiet. The children range in ages from six to thirteen. You never knew what to expect from him - on this aircheck he brakes into an impression of Jack Benny, and apologizes for remarks he made about the Beatles.

This entire website is essentially a key to the dating and typing of bottles. The ticket booth still has graffiti written on the walls from possibly earlier to the early 's. But - if you go in September or early October, you can get one of the beach loop sites without much trouble and stay a night or Two.

My husband is from Glens Falls. Shaw for the It's a wonderful place to raise a family and the outdoors life is amazing!

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I miss the cool summer nights, the wonderful food, and being able to walk just about anywhere I wanted to go. They have never seen the awesome foliage of upstate Falls.

Live in Manhattan and hope to retire in Utica. Yet Upstate NY has always been a vast respite for me, escaping the doldrums of city life.

This can be due to one or a combination of factors including post-molding hot glass "flow" masking the mold seams, fire polishing of the bottle body, or atypically good mold fitting precision.

Other New York Cities:

As a single young woman, the dating scene could improve. How in Brookfield in the winter you have the gigantic snowbanks on each side of the road to slide into--Gently--in the winter.

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