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She throws a massive party for Jamie's 7th birthday party, which many people attend, including her sister Quinn. Chad had no tolerance for E. Felix doesn't fit in at school, so The Troop are his closest friends.

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The car was being driven by Daunte, as revenge for Nathan's betrayal after he was lent money. Haley, who was previously a teacher, found out the bullies names and found out little bits and pieces about them.

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Haley gets a phone call to go to the studio and finds a label executive named Miranda Stone there. Nathan agrees and eventually their tutoring relationship becomes romantic.

She wakes up later on and finds Jamie in the cornfield trying to escape from Carrie.

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Chad was heartbroken to learn of the engagement. Meanwhile, Lucas tells Haley that he has decided to go and live with Keith in Charleston and Haley is saddened that her best friend is leaving.

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Haley's leaving sends Nathan on a downward spiral, but Haley fulfills her dreams by building a music career and by performing her songs in front of huge crowds. He grabbed her and kissed her again.

But, Chad had no idea that Mia was ever pregnant because his parents had sent him to military school because of his troublesome behavior which included drug use. They had a short-lived affair, and E.

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He goads her into revealing that she did have sex the night of the party and got knocked up, but not by Nathan. During a feud between the DiMeras and the Kiriakises, Chad was shot in the chest.

Haley also tries to deal with helping Jamie cope since Lydia has told him the truth about how she will soon be with his grandfather.

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Later on, after a slow process, Nathan and Haley realize that they love each other too much to let their marriage die and begin to re-establish their relationship as a married couple and move back in together. Lydia is rushed to the hospital, where she is told she will die soon.

Although she professes her undying love for Nathan and begs for his forgiveness, their marriage continues to fall apart.

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Andrew seemed to get away. After Starbucks dating customers State Championship game, Haley jumped in the way of a car that was about to hit Nathan.

When Chad was rushed to surgery, E.

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Chad and Melanie started dating. Horrified that Nick was hurt, Gabi confessed to Melanie that she hired Andrew to pretend to be Gabi's stalker. Jamie is outside at the time and falls into the pool trying to retrieve his basketball. So, when the cops don't do anything, Haley takes matters into her own hands and reaches the point where she begs Dan for help.

Nathan and Haley fall in love with each other; which results in their marriage and Haley losing her virginity to him. She tries with Nathan and Clay but they wouldn't fall for it because they were told all about it.