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InAlbert M. At the new company Schrade made Presto switchblades as well as Wire Jack jackknives, and other low-end pocket knives.

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Albert's brother, Henry Baer, was the company's first president and the namesake for Schrade's "Uncle Henry" line of knives. Unable to raise sufficient capital to begin knife production, Schrade sold a partial interest in the company to the Walden Knife Company.

Schrade's other company, the Schrade Cutlery Co. InSchrade patented the Safety Pushbutton Knives, an improved series of switchblade knives with side-mounted operating button and a sliding safety switch. Schrade pursued his knifemaking interests at both Challenge and at Schrade, where his brother George now managed one of the company's factories.

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Baer purchased the Ulster Knife Company which was founded in Ellenville, New Yorkin the s and merged it with the Imperial Knife Company and designated this new business as the Imperial Knife Associated Companies, to produce knives for the military.

There Schrade developed a new type of switchblade knife, which he titled the Springer.

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InImperial Schrade's New York manufacturing plant closed, and all production shifted overseas. Knives produced between and bore tang stamps that read "Imperial Knife Co.

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Afterthe Imperial Dating hitchcock furniture stamps were discontinued and replaced by the Schrade name. The company changed names in to Imperial Schrade Corp.

Inthe company became the Imperial Schrade Corporation. InSchrade licensed a flylock switchblade design to the Challenge Cutlery Company, which he then joined.

Check the identification guide. From tillthere were only minor changes in tang script design, making the later knives more difficult to distinguish between decades. Identify Imperial knives produced under the "Hammer brand" by the tang stamp that bears the name as well as the image of a muscled arm bearing a hammer.

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Later developed in slightly modified form as the Presto series, the Schrade switchblade would come to dominate the automatic knife market in the United States for the next fifty-five years.

The company's unusual name arose from its first knife design, a switchblade or automatic-opening pocket knife with an operating button mounted in the knife bolster.

These knives were produced between and Schrade returned to the United States, though his Springer switchblade would live on; now unprotected by patent, the type was manufactured by several Solingen shops for many years thereafter.

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Schrade formed a new company, the Geo. In the s, Schrade bought the defunct Walden Cutlery Company in order to obtain their stocks of handle material for his knives. Baer took the company private to ward off hostile investors by purchasing all outstanding stock in the company.

Imperial used a number of different stampings between andbut the tangs were always stamped. Dating the American Imperial knives produced between and is relatively simple. Consult the guidebook to determine handle materials.

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However, in the German government seized all of Schrade's assets in Germany to assist its war production. Tip Shell-handled Imperial knives hold little if any collector value due to the low quality handle composition.

First patented by Schrade inthe knife was eventually produced with a unique style of clip point blade. In the s, the company entered the multi-tool market and the Baers were both inducted into the Blade Magazine Cutlery Hall of Fame.

Open the main blade of the pocket knife completely, and take note of the stamping marked at the base of the blade where it connects with the handle. Imperial knives were made with a number of different handle materials including bone, celluloid and black composition.

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