alchemical archives: Manly P. Hall: The Atlantean Hypothesis alchemical archives: Manly P. Hall: The Atlantean Hypothesis

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See The Chaldean Account of Genesis. Among the legends of the Chaldeans is that of Oannes, a partly amphibious creature who came out of the sea and taught the savage peoples along the shore to read and write, till the soil, cultivate herbs for healing, study the stars, establish rational forms of government, and become conversant with the sacred Mysteries.

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See the Popol Vuh. The Initiation Rites of Ancient Egypt 2.

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Sallust gives a key to the esoteric interpretation of the Attic rituals. This deity was born at midnight on the 24th day of December. Mystical Trends in Modern Psychology http: Adonis was originally an androgynous deity who represented the solar power which in the winter was destroyed by the evil principle of cold--the boar.

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At the first gate the great crown is removed from her head, at the second gate the earrings from her ears, at the third gate the necklace from her neck, at the fourth gate the ornaments from her breast, at the fifth gate the girdle from her waist, at the sixth gate the bracelets from her hands and feet, and at the seventh gate the covering cloak of her body.

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Two zones of land and three of water surrounded the central island, which Poseidon caused to be irrigated with two springs of water--one warm and the other cold. See Sallust on the Gods and the World.

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Atomism in Early European Philosophy 4. Ishtar--to whom the planer Venus was sacred--was the most widely venerated deity of the Babylonian and Assyrian pantheon. Poseidon's own temple, its exterior entirely covered with silver and Dating gladstone queensland pinnacles with gold, also stood within the citadel.

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The pipes of Pan signify the natural harmony of the spheres, and the god himself is a symbol of Saturn because this planet is enthroned in Capricorn, whose emblem is a goat. Mystical Trends in Modern Psychology http: The waters of life--the secret doctrine--cure the diseases of ignorance; and the spirit, ascending again to its divine source, regains its God-given adornments as it passes upward through the rings of the planets.

Hall Audio Lectures Continues With: Great Body of the Hermetic Literature 4. Precious metals were mined, wild animals domesticated, and perfumes distilled from its fragrant flowers.

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Atomism in Early European Philosophy 4. If Atlantis be considered as the archetypal sphere, then its immersion signifies the descent of rational, organized consciousness into the illusionary, impermanent realm of irrational, mortal ignorance.

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As the result of this great sacrifice, Odin, while suspended over the depths of Nifl-heim, discovered by meditation the runes or alphabets by which later the records of his people were preserved.

Adonis as the "gored" or "god" man is one of the keys to Sir Francis Bacon's use of the "wild boar" in his cryptic symbolism. Iamblichus on the Mysteries 3.

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Atys remained three days in the tomb, rose upon a date corresponding with Easter morn, and by this resurrection overcame death for all who were initiated into his Mysteries.

Approach to the Preconscious 3. The Queen of Heaven China 5.

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See Frazer's The Golden Bough.