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Some of them are built in the regional Weser Renaissance style while other hark back to the time when Minden was a fortified town. The face is quite different. It features the popular legend of last Saxon leader Duke Widukind shaking hands with Charlemagne.

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The traffic volume for containers in the industrial harbour should be noted. On one hand we have those known as throne-cippi Ph.

Hence we may safely conclude that even the oldest cippi at Carthage like those of Motya and Sardinia bear images of gods.

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The Westphalian Mill Route is the first of its kind and connects the many windmills on the plains of the Minden countryside. On his head is a high tiara in the shape of a truncated cone, with three rows of overlapping scales; beneath it is fixed a veil which covers the neck.

This demonstrates its functioning and explains the need for a new lock to accommodate the increasing size of inland ships.

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The headdress has changed: They fertilise the soil and renew all the energies of the city. The goal is to increase bicycle traffic to over 20 percent of the total. Faithful to his Asiatic origins, however, Baal Hammon remained exacting, and the tophets at Carthage, Hadrumetum and Cirta have revealed to their excavators an impressive quantity of offerings.

In his left hand is a long staff ending in a large car of corn and rising to the height of the tiara: In these people broke away from Carthage and opted for Rome.

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Partly from lack of space, but primarily because the basic function of a ring is to protect its wearer, the votary is not shown. V" is the largest and oldest sport organization with gymnastics, fencing, handball, canoe racing, judo, swimming, volleyball and other popular sports.

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The strong influence of Egyptian beliefs on the archaic Punic religion is moreover paralleled by a similar influence, also emanating from Pharaonic Egypt, in the field of the arts. The town administration counts 4, businesses within the town limits.

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Typical temple furniture included the cult statue, standing stones, bowls and their stands, altars, and benches around the walls. The rise of the upper terrace was used architecturally to enhance the distant view of the churches located there.