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He also enlisted in the help of Angus. This could mean that he was worried about her.

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Olive hits Fletcher in the arms twice for coming up with ideas and he seems really hurt. When China was singing inside the box and they liked they looked at each other and smiled.

Also, Olive looked hurt when he said that. Olive said that the double date would be fun and smiled, maybe because she knew that Fletcher would be mad at Chyna. When they both walked in, they see that Chyna and Lexi are still the same. She is dating a city councilman who is revealed to be much, much older than her so much older that he has a daughter that was born in Fletcher climbed in the trash can because Olive and Chyna didn't want to.

When Susan Skidmore shows up at the same time as the delivery guy, Fletcher blows their cover saying, "Our wings are here!

When Olive splashes yogurt she could have said, "let's go" but instead she took his arm. He also helps teach Chyna's dad a lesson.

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He has the tendency to be slow-witted at times, such as when he does odd things for his friends such as diving into trash simply because they don't want to, and is often seen as stupid, however he can be quite cunning and devious at times.

Her best friend and sidekick is Paisley, who will listen to every word Lexi says, but sometimes in the wrong way.

Neither of them seemed surprised meaning they could have planned together what they were gonna wear.

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Olive goes with Chyna to the art museum to help get Fletcher's stolen painting back, which means that Olive cares about Fletcher. He later has a girlfriend who is a model, Vanessa, but she broke up with him due to the fact he kept on spending time with lots of girls to keep Vanessa away from other boys, but she felt he had lost interest in her.

This is a special double-length episode. Chyna tracks her down so Cameron would feel better, because in the episode FANTasy Girl, Cameron imagines Vanessa is his date to the dance, but thinks her name is Jeanne Gossamer because he was dozing off, looking at Lexi's magazine where she was on the cover of a jeans catalog.

In the episode finANTial crisis, it is revealed her real name is Kumiko Hashimoto, that she is Hashimoto's daughter, and that was pretending to be Kennedy to sabotage the Z-phones. Later, when first period ends and Angus get caught in the flood of teens from the school, Fletcher says they should go back for him, so Olive slaps him straight.

They are currently dating as of unwANTed. Throughout the episode they looked at each other many times. Olive wrapped her arms around Fletcher's neck and Fletcher wrapped his arms around Olive.

Edit Fletcher is an excitable, imaginative and unusual boy with a cheeky sense of humor.

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Fletcher waits for Olive before running out of the A. My cat Fletcher got out! Hippo Matt Lowe season 1—2 is a strange man who went from the music business to the movie business to the restaurant business.

T, with sports and anything athletic as her talent. Olive goes with Chyna to the art museum to help get Fletcher's stolen painting back, which means that Olive cares about Fletcher. At first, Fletcher and Olive sat next to each other during class.

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Maybe one of the reasons that Fletcher wanted to go to China's party so badly was to see Olive. Occasionally, Cameron will step up to help Chyna, especially when it involves problems with Lexi.

So to escape an embarrassing moment, he pretends he's a statue. Olive wants to make sure Fletcher doesn't panic.