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When Logan and Rocky were texting, Rocky was smiling. Cece decides to get back at Rocky by teasingly kissing Ty but what she didn't realize was this little action would bring about an even bigger complication.

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CeCe and Flynn are shown to have a love and hate relationship, but they comfort each other when the other is down. Rocky apologized to Logan after CeCe caught his coin.

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Rocky and Logan were speed texting before they danced on Shake It Up. Ty unexpectedly becomes the new host of the show, but Rocky still doesn't get the gig.

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Logan feelings for her continue to grow. Rocky smiled at Logan.

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Logan was really nervous before the game, but Rocky reassures him. Rocky is usually pulled into CeCe's crazy schemes, and is usually punished or grounded with CeCe in the end.

In "Shrink it Up", it was revealed in a flashback that CeCe and Rocky met together in a ballet class when they were around 5 years old.

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Logan seems to think that Rocky is a good worker. Cece and Logan are shocked and annoyed to find out that they will become siblings.

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They are shown to have feelings for each other after the date is over, but further progress was not shown in the succeeding episodes. Logan tries to talk to Rocky about the kiss, but Ty keeps interfering.

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Gece with slight Tynka Rated: He was impressed that she managed to get the kebabs in the correct order, when working, although he looked a little annoyed when she tried to stick up for Cece when she was late.

The couple break up a few episodes later after Logan won't make an effort to befriend CeCe.

He is seemingly calm, sarcastic and loves skateboarding. Logan laughs when she says, "Because you need to oui-oui? Jeff Strauss didn't return and was replaced by Eileen Connwhile Season 2 writer Darin Henry filled Conn's position as co-executive producer. Logan also has a tendency of saying "ZAM!

She loves her little brother, Flynn, but is irresponsible when babysitting him, such as when she and Rocky forgot him at the park in season one, and when she forgot to buy ingredients for Flynn's cookies in season two.

Rocky and Logan have each other's numbers. When Ty is dragging Logan out, Logan gives the "call me" sign to Rocky. Gunther owns numerous betwinklers. Logan awards Rocky with two kebabs for her hat.

He's totally cool, totally fun, and totally awesome! She is also known to be a talented cake decorator as shown in "Oh Brother It Up". He dislikes CeCe based purely on her lack of work ethic and uncaring attitude to life. He is seemingly calm, and coordinated, and loves skateboarding.

Deuce then started to like him and Logan got wierded out when Deuce kissed up to Logan's butt and wore on Logan's clothes he wore on first time.