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You make it sound like there is a global female conspiracy. Women who insist on having more rights than men should be called what they are — female supremacists. Unfortunately, you are in a minority.

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Of course, if the disorder is caused by temporary pressure on a part of the vagus nerve then a full recovery is possible. A medical professional will usually touch the back of the tongue to see if the gag reflex is present as well as observe the uvula and the back of the throat when the person talks.

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To assume that a group that is meant for good will only contain good minds is laughable, every human-made group will always attract the extremists who will change it from within like a cancer.

This is because when stimulated, the vagus nerve causes the heart to slow down and blood pressure levels to drop considerably.

July 24, at 7: The reason there is still need for the term feminism is because the vast majority of women are still not considered equal. Meaning they are more worthy than other men? Feminism is simply the opposite of misogynism and ultimately hinders true gender equality.

Anyone experiencing regular fainting spells, a difficulty eating, swallowing or talking and low blood pressure should see a specialist for a definitive diagnosis.

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No offense intended of course — just a critical take on your language use. Why make it an external statement? My goal is to treat people as equally as I can, to assist those who need assistance and to stand up for those who are being trod upon, regardless of gender.

There are some vagus nerve disorders that come about during mid to later life, or are brought on by trauma to the 10th cranial nerve.

Makes them better than you.

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It tells me a Group, a Name, A label? No, I work in the real world. Both these nerves affect swallowing, language and the gag reflex.

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The final two sentences are fruedian as they contain the only general description of the genders other than men being ogres of the past and fail to mention anything good about men. Best statement I have read regarding the true and dark depths of our new captors.

They may also need to follow very Dating course london feeding time schedules because the vagus nerve is unable to relay to the brain whether digestion has finished and the person is hungry again.

To be empowered, should only come from Achievements, Jobs, Educational merits.

Now I know the cause for his whippings; elephants and donkeys. IMO May 25, at By Stan TianIn Neurological Disorders The vagus nerve is actually two nerves, both of which run from the brain stem and branch out separately, down the body, across the abdomen and to the main organs such as the heart and stomach.

November 28, at Like-minded people, toxic or otherwise will band together for a like-minded cause. Is a Status to them.

Do any others find themselves fleeing in a war of constant attrition? As you and others note, they are simply abusers, who come in almost all ideological varieties.

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