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Yuki faces a difficult decision with the arrival of Shizuka Hio.

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The second season, named Vampire Knight Guilty, premiered on the same station October 6, Yuki decides to give up her humanity to save both Zero and Kaname, but is stopped by Zero, who would rather kill Shizuka.

He later became the leader of Vampire Society, pursuing peace between humans and vampires.

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Light novels[ edit ] Three light novels created by Matsuri Hino and Ayuna Fujisaki were published in Japan by Hakusensha in the first two novels and the thirdrespectively. The story follows Yuki's discovery that Zero had been turned into a vampire and her struggle to keep him sane, since he had not been stabilized, and prevent his condition from deteriorating into the lowest form of vampire, the monstrous Level E.

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In addition to providing additional information about the series characters and story, it includes images and details from Hino's storyboard. The final volume [2] was released in English on October 14, by Viz Media.

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Despite her dedication to her best friend, Yuki was in love with Kaname, the man whom had always been in her memories looking out for her. From the beginning, it was revealed that he cared deeply for Yuki, and grew to love her, having been attached to her since she was born.

Rido was in love with his younger sister, Juuri, and upon rejection and seeing her fall in love with Haruka, he fell into madness. Level B are known as "Nobles" or "Aristocrats.

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Kaname escaped and ended up being raised by R&b singer joe dating and Haruka Kuran, as Yuki's brother, in place of the son that Rido took and used as a sacrifice to revive Kaname.

As his ravenous side began to surface, his best friend, Yuki, began offering her blood to him, to subdue his true vampire nature. Despite his cold feelings and anger towards Zero, he allowed him to live, out of sympathy for Yuki, who cared deeply for him.

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Although this is where the anime ends, the manga continues the story and is updated monthly in LaLa Magazine. Also, since he had consumed the blood of Shizuka Hio, his own helps keep Zero from going insane and from needing to feed from Yuki.

The second season, titled Vampire Knight Guilty aired on the same station from October 7, and December 30, During a fierce battle, Zero kills Rido, but later on tells Yuki he will have to kill her when he sees her once again, since she is a pure blood.

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Eventually, due to his instability, he mistook Yuki for Juuri, and attempted to drink her blood. He hates what he has become, and fears that he will succumb to blood lust and murder everyone.

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It is licensed for English release in Australia and New Zealand by Madman Entertainment, which released fifteen volumes. These ex-humans will eventually go mad with blood lust and become a "Level E" if they are not stabilized by Vampire knight dating simulation the blood of the one who originally bit them in the first place.