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Sprinkler heads can clog very easily, and you want to eliminate all dirt in the lines. SaskWater currently supplies potable water to our customers through five stand alone systems, two regional networks and two transmission systems.

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A PDWA is issued when there is a possibility that problems with the water supply system may exist, although an immediate public health threat has not been identified.

Install a controller or timing device optional. Making a mistake with your plumbing system can be expensive when you have to call in the professionals to fix it.

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From there, run a short line and install a shutoff valve. Read through the following questions and answers to see if they address inquires you have, and feel free to contact us with additional questions.

As such, we cannot comment on what the final rate to residents will be, as this is ultimately set by each individual community.

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An annual chlorination procedure is recommended to insure the health of the well. Does Mitchell Drilling install pumps and hook up the system?

Connect or Disconnect Service.

Any questions regarding your SaskWater invoice can be directed to one of our Customer Service Representatives by calling I just purchased some land and would like to connect to the SaskWater pipeline that is located close by.

Who can I contact to discuss my agreement with SaskWater?

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This ensures the future sustainability of the system and helps to avoid large rate increases when repairs and upgrades become necessary. There are two types of water advisories that can be issued: Tapping the main line.

All line locate inquiries must be directed to Sask 1st Call either by phone ator online at www.

While geological conditions vary from project to project, we like to use the approximate scale of 1. Under such an advisory, water must be boiled to ensure bacteriological safety. SaskWater uses a full-cost pricing methodology, which means that the rate we charge includes the cost to operate, maintain and upgrade water system infrastructure.

The site may have to be modified or moved to accomodate our equipment and insure the safety of our team.


How long does a new well last? A number of flexible or adjustable risers make this connection easy. Does SaskWater operate in my area? Install the riser, making sure that the sprinkler head will be at or just above soil level.

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Then run pipe to your manifold. Ask us for more information.