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Then you might have to convince her to move to your school - the hard way. Tinsel Town diamonds: Forget Lincoln Continental, you'll need a Mercedes bus.

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Hollywood U has elements of adventure games where you pick an option - some even timedcity building game but very simpleand Role-Playing Game where you take quests from other students and build your reputation in Hollywood. A tap dancing producer.

Hollywood U: Rising Stars – Top 25 Cheats, Tips, Tricks, and Strategies, Page 4.

Look for awritingdog on iOS Game Center. Black and Pink diamonds.

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It's easy to deride Reality TV stars' personal qualities, but don't underestimate their improv acting skill and determination to get famous. Khaki Casual cash: And there is the Clothing button, on the right hand of your screen.

When the sun goes down, they'll return to their little castles in Anaheim. Just party and networking.

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Tap it to earn books and rings for you. Diego Barrientes Bodyguard A bouncer who happens to work in all the clubs you need it get in and an aspiring screenwriter.

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Screenwriter Dorm 18 thousand cash Coffee bar, library, white boards, and Wi-Fi routers. Red Tie Affair 75 diamonds.

This FAQ is updated monthly after Pixelberry releases a new version of the game not new quests. Throwing Shades diamonds.

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Nice tops, not nice bottoms. Her evil pixie number two. What's your philosophy on levelling up entourage?

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Casual Friday diamonds. Movie Star, Director, or Fashionista.

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Don't you want to hug her? Keep your Brooklyn or Bay Area heritage.